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The Proud Archivist

The Setting: What is art? Now were the Porcelain Gentleman an artist, with the obligatory crazed predilection for exuding profanity, banality and insanity in roughly equal measure, I could probably … Continue reading

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Vue Cinema – Islington

The Setting: ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’ Ah Ferris, with his bourgeois rebellion, chirpy approach to … Continue reading

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Public Urinals – Paddington

The Setting: There is a common assumption that when you are a tourist you should see an area with a local as to experience what they see, know and feel … Continue reading

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The O2 Arena

The Setting: The second hand would reach twelve, the clock would move onto a state of midnight and subsequently all computers globally would fail to realise it was a new … Continue reading

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Virgin Active – Minories

The setting: The rather humorous twist with life is that there is in effect a very small slither of people that are so very beautiful their mere presence allows one … Continue reading

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Gatwick Airport

The Setting: In general, most cities have 1 airport, possibly 2 (hub and regional) – London has 5. Remarkably this landing strip fetish is not just some legacy of public … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge

The setting: At face value the game of football is simply a microcosm of the cynics society; its overrun by louts, played by cheats and run by men who have … Continue reading

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